• Vietnam – One of our favorite places on Earth!

    Vietnam – One of our favorite places on Earth! It’s an understatement quite frankly…Vietnam really has got to be one of our most favorite countries we’ve visited so far! It is a country of vibrant colors, friendly people, jaw dropping landscapes and a ton of things to do. Here’s the lowdown of everything we did and the places we visited.
    We started off in Hanoi and checked into the Old Town Hanoi Backpackers. It is an absolute hub of activity with travelers from all across the globe! They offer a wide range of well known activities that you can pre-book and enjoy during your stay including a 3 day trip to their own private island in the World famous Halong Bag called ‘Castaway Island‘. The scenery is absolutely magnificent, the party is big and the memories are forever!

    In and around Hanoi, the streets are constantly abuzz with markets, stalls, vendors,restaurants and a million scooters milling up and down the streets! At night, the streets turn into one big party! Whether this happens year round or we just happened to be there during some special season I’m not too sure, but every single night was the same. Every restaurant opens and hauls out their tiny little kindergarten tables and chairs, the music starts and the people emerge from nowhere! They party and enjoy social time with their families and then by about 23:00pm, everything goes pretty quiet and everyone goes to bed, only to do it all again the next evening!

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    Old Town Hanoi Backpackers is just fantastic! We got a private room and were pleasantly surprised at not only the size, but the fact that our room had an en suite bathroom, a flat screen tv and was very clean and quiet despite the fact that there was a themed party on downstairs every night!2017-05-08_0013 2017-05-08_0014

    The tour to Castaway Island: Halong Bay2017-05-08_0015

    The floating villages in Halong Bay2017-05-08_0016

    Castaway Island2017-05-08_0017 2017-05-08_0018 2017-05-08_0019

    Canoeing around the islands in Halong Bay2017-05-08_0020 2017-05-08_0021 2017-05-08_0022 2017-05-08_0023 2017-05-08_0024 2017-05-08_0025 2017-05-08_0026Fishing boats in Halong Bay2017-05-08_0027 2017-05-08_0028The Red Bridge at Hoàn Kiếm Lake, Hanoi

    2017-05-08_0029 2017-05-08_0030 2017-05-08_0031Mr. Giang‘s coffee has got to be the best coffee in the WORLD!!! It is incredibly difficult to find this little entrance, but everyone you ask will tell you where to find it. Not to mention we walked past it about 7 times, but when we eventually found it, we had the most incredible egg coffee. Don’t miss out on this when in Hanoi!2017-05-08_0032 2017-05-08_0033 2017-05-08_0034 2017-05-08_0035 2017-05-08_0036A nice way to see the city and take it easy! The other popular mode of transport is to take a tuk tuk or scooter ride!2017-05-08_0037The beautiful rice fields seen when you are out of the cities2017-05-08_0038 2017-05-08_0039The Hoa Lu’ Ancient Capitol of Vietnam – Ninh Binh2017-05-08_0040Tam Coc Rice Fields Resort is a beautiful resort with a personal touch, located on the Tam Coc Area, on the UNESCO”s World Heritage Area.  The resort is quiet and peaceful with the most beautiful surrounding beautiful landscape. Coming here you will be able to enjoy wild nature with paddy rice fields, beautiful gardens, marvelous mountains and typical tropical bamboo houses…getting away from the noises, traffic jams, stuffy streets…of the city life. You will have the chance to join cooking classes, Vietnamese classes and join the agricultural tour: becoming an actual agriculturist or taking free bicycle trips to explore the wilderness in and around the area. Moreover, nothing can compare a balcony breakfast with mountain and garden views.

    2017-05-08_0041 2017-05-08_0042Tam Coc (Three Caves) boasts surreal beauty along the Ngo Dong River, and the boat rides are immensely popular with domestic tourists. Consider visiting early morning or late afternoon when things are quieter.
    Rowers sometimes use their feet to propel the oars, as the route (around 2 hours) negotiates Tam Coc’s three caves and you get to navigate right through the undersides of the gigantic rock formations. It really was such a magical experience!

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    Waiting for the midnight train from Ninh Binh to Danang2017-05-08_0053

    Waking in the train to some of the most nostalgic Vietnamese sights from the window…2017-05-08_0054 2017-05-08_0055 2017-05-08_0056The views of the incredible Hai Van Pass that was ridden by the members of Top Gear program! We were lucky enough to have seen this beautiful pass without having to have hired a taxi or scooter to go back up the hill as the train track pretty much followed the same route next to the road the whole way.

    2017-05-08_0057 2017-05-08_0058Arriving in Danang and seeing such an array of wealthy upmarket hotels was like driving along the beachfront in California!2017-05-08_0059 2017-05-08_0060Hoi An was my all time favorite place that we visited! We stayed in the old town itself at DK’s House Backpackers which is a branch of the Old Town Hanoi Backpackers, so it was equally as vibey, clean and well organized! I had endless photographic opportunities and just LOVED all the colorful silk lanterns that adorned every little street! If you’d like to take a proper photographic tour, then I highly recommend contacting Etienne Bossot! His travel photography is out of this world and you’ll be sure to go home with some printable keepers! 2017-05-08_0061 2017-05-08_0062 2017-05-08_0063 2017-05-08_0064 2017-05-08_0065 2017-05-08_0066 2017-05-08_0067 2017-05-08_0068 2017-05-08_0069 2017-05-08_0070

    Bicycles bicycles everywhere!!!2017-05-08_0071 2017-05-08_0072 2017-05-08_0073 2017-05-08_0074 2017-05-08_0075 2017-05-08_0076 2017-05-08_0077 2017-05-08_0078Lighting candles and floating them down the river in remembrance of loved ones.2017-05-08_0079 2017-05-08_0080 2017-05-08_0081Beautiful 3D cards!2017-05-08_0082 2017-05-08_0083 2017-05-08_0084 2017-05-08_0085 2017-05-08_0086 2017-05-08_0087