• Top 5 things to do in Jeffreys Bay

    Staying in a very chilled Jeffrey’s Bay South Africa  with my two favorite travelers, Mathew and Thomas. Here are five reasons to visit this remarkably famous yet unassuming town……

    No. 1 on the list that it’s famous for some of the best waves in the world. Learning to surf here at one of the surf schools is like learning to do karate in Okinawa.


    No. 2 on the list is to visit the die Walskipper Restaurant Restaurant just past the Marina Martinique. Truly Traditional South African food cooked on a huge BBQ or Braai. Waiters serve you barefoot with good reason as the floor is beach sand. No glassware as a result so your well priced Merlot comes in an enamel coffee mug. Complimentary fire baked bread with lashings of real butter and liver pate are on offer, but don’t indulge too much or you won’t fit in your generous sized portions. I finished off with an Irish Coffee, in my tin mug and was pleasantly surprised when the bill came to less then R400 for the meal for 3, including the bottle of wine. We give it a Best Adventure Blog Thumbs up!!!


    No. 3 on our list is the countless factory shops… And we are not talking China Mall ripoffs…Yes all the top end Surf and Beach labels are here, from Rip Curl to Billabong, ripped jeans from Lee to Wrangler. Those R300 T-shirts that make the locals look so lovable can be picked up for a paltry R90. They are all concentrated in an area in the town aptly called Surf City. So take about 2 hours  to park and walk this area for some bargains that will have you dressed like the hippest beach boy or Roxy girl!!!


    No. 4 on the list would have to be the abundant activities. With two windy seasons in the year kite surfing, surfing, feature as popular water sports. On land kiting on the beach (until recently J-Bay had its own dedicated kite shop), sand boarding on the dunes near the Tapas Restaurant, and horse riding on the beach at Pappiesfontein are just a few of the many things to keep you here for awhile.


    No. 5  is the chilled vibe! But that’s what you would expect from a town famous for its surfing giant super tubes. Not more then 80km from frenetic Port Elizabeth, life in Jeffrey’s Bay has the handbrake on. Relaxed coffee shops, surf shops, picnic baskets on the beach, this town is booming with people who have come here for life at a quieter pace. I have enjoyed my short stay here with fellow adventurers Mathew and Thomas and we have all made a pact to make this an annual event.