• Rhino Tagging – How to have a BALL!!!

    Peter Pan & I never pass up an opportunity to have fun and do absolutely epic things so this weekend we went up to the Zululand Rhino Reserve to help on a rhino tagging expedition! It is an adrenaline adventure right from the word go! There’s the helicopter that’s flying around looking for the animal, there’s the ground team hastily following behind in a cloud of dust and excitement to get to the animal as it’s gone down so that they can assist in putting him in the correct position, covering his eyes to avoid confusion, blocking his ears to lessen the stress and then being able to microchip the horn, measure him up and notch his ears for easy identification. Being up close and personal to these beautiful creatures is such a privilege and really brings home the reality of just how much trouble these poor animals are in. To be able to kneel next to them with your hand on their warm skin and feel their breath coming from their nose is enough to sink your heart when you thing of what they have gone through and the pain that they have endured due to the poaching situation. Everyone has the ability to help this situation and booking yourself onto a rhino dart is just one of the many ways you can and also an experience you’ll NEVER forget! Contact Leopard Mountain Game Lodge for more info or contact Project Rhino.

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