• Malawi/Mozambique Adventure – Day 30

    Our month long Malawi/Mozambique adventure has come to an end and we are all the richer for it. Early rise and we’re on the homeward bound stretch… Today we say goodbye to the coconut palms, baobabs, rural villages and middle of heavenly nowheres.Endings are always sad, but all the good things and blessings we have back home make it okay to turn back. There will always be more good times ahead, journeys and adventures to plan, places to see and memories to make. We had a 5 hour drive to get to Blue Anchor which is owned by Paul and Lizzie Hallowes who are old Zululanders and well-known to many, many travelers and good friends of Wayne and his family too. It was a long, long day of driving and the distance just seemed to take that much longer when you’re driving home. We played music, games, silence, anything and everything to just try make time pass quicker…we finally got to Blue Anchor at around 16:00pm, put our stuff in the room and I had a ‘moerse’ long shower to scrub the travel dirt off my body! Time to unwind at the bar with a drink and a nice home cooked meal before we headed off for another early night. The last 7 hour stretch lay before us the next day before we reached home to all our family & friends…

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