• Malawi/Mozambique Adventure – Day 29

    Malawi/Mozambique Adventure – Day 29. I woke up early and decided to cook some scrambled eggs on toast with some fresh coffee! I wanted to get into the water early as the low tide was on its way out and I thought it would be great to have a few extra hours of snorkeling in the coral gardens of Paindane which is rated one of the top 5 snorkeling sites in the world!  The visibility was at least 30-40m which is just incredible and we saw a million different fish! It was absolutely amazing! We were out there for about 2 hours and then spent a few more hours on the beach under a big platted reed umbrella drinking a HUGE jug of homemade sangria. We enjoyed the sangria so much that by the time we wanted to snorkel again the tide was too high and we were just being flung around in the waves for nothing so we gave up. We bought some crayfish from the locals and froze them so that we could braai them back home and reminisce over our Mozambican memories. We decided to take a drive to Neptunes Beach Bar in Barra in search of some other tourists,  people or humans we had met before and so we found them! It took us an hour and a half of thick sand driving with our music blaring like teenagers to travel the 50km or so to get there and we were back in a nostalgic memory of a holiday gone past over a year ago! Bliss! Beautiful weather and not much wind and we decided to stay over for the night! Love it! Barra Reef Divers is based right there as well as “Walk on Water” which offers a whole range of various water sports!
    It was drinks and prawn rissoles to ease into the afternoon and we were hoping for the music to turn up a bar or two and for a party to emerge? So far Jack Johnson was lulling us into the night but I was still holding thumbs for some action…then Rodrigues oozed from the speakers and the mood was set. Okay so we waited and not much happened so bed it was! I think we’d gotten used to early nights and early mornings, although we’re always up for a good party if there is one around!

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