• Malawi/Mozambique Adventure – Day 28

    We got up, had breakfast and then went on a short boat cruise to the river mouth to see where it breaks onto the reef  and where we were lucky enough to see dolphins and take a few snapshots for the lodge. When we got back we decided to leave and make our way south to Paindane! It took us about 5 hours to get there with much confused navigation with regards to TomTom as she seemed to be leading us on non existing roads??? We sort of used our common sense with direction and finally got there! To our surprise we were the ONLY people there! The only people at one of the world’s top 5 known snorkeling spots!!!
    We paid a once off R226 and a further R170 pppn for a 6 sleeper chalet! It was really big and had spectacular views over the bay with whales breaching really close to shore. We had dinner at Jeff’s beach bar and then headed off home for an early sleep. It wasn’t a particularly great sleep as it was hot and our pillows were as hard as rock as well as no mosquito nets so we spent the whole night trying to whack the air in vain hope of killing the little bastards!!! No such luck unfortunately

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