• Malawi/Mozambique Adventure – Day 27

    Malawi/Mozambique Adventure – Day 27 and I hopped out of bed a little earlier to get some sunrise pics and then hopped back into bed to snuggle for a while.When we got up we re-fried our left over pizza for breakfast and then packed a backpack and headed South for a nice long walk on the beach to the head of the lagoon where the mangroves were too thick to push through. On the way we passed flamingos, rural villages, mokoros, millions of shells and made our way through mangroves and over soft peat to the point where we could walk no further as we noticed the tide turning. When we turned back we had to cross a small section in waist deep water with our bags over our heads to avoid them getting wet as the tide had come in really quickly.
    When we got back we were treated to a huge brunch by France and then went back to our chalet where we spent most of the day with our feet up feeding the birds pao (bread) crumbs and watching them drink from our makeshift bird bath. It was a lazy day all in all and we landed up at the restaurant for dinner where we were given fresh calamari and chips and had invented some cocktails before heading off for another early night. The wind was STILL howling by the time we went to bed and it was a restless night with more crazy dreams for the both of us thanks to the Mefliam malaria medication!

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