• Malawi/Mozambique Adventure – Day 26

    Day 26 of our Mozambique adventure and we woke, packed the car and had breakfast at Baobab Beach before heading off to Pomene but first we stopped in at Massinga town to buy some supplies at the local supermarket. Wayne came out with tinned chicken viennas, tinned polony and a 5l jug of red wine called a “Bombarril!” He said that the store was obviously owned by Asians who had a system of 3 different checkpoints at the till seeing that nothing gets stolen. After all that they gave him a free bottle of awful looking brown vinegar to thank him for his “big” purchase of R50.00? Needless to say, we’re too scared to even open it LOL!
    We back-tracked 8km to the Pomene Rd turnoff and onto a VERY bumpy and rural road that became a puzzled network of a million others into what seemed like the middle of nowhere? We had a written map to follow which was much like following a treasure map. We felt like kids as we read things like “Turn left at the big boat sign, not the small boat sign, then right at the first fork and left at the second and left again at the one that says TUN (turn) LEFT!” Never mind the fact that there are a million forks in the road as you go but previous experience told us to take the road more traveled on. After roughly a 2 hour ride we arrived at Paradise Beach Lodge. It is set on the banks of the Pomene estuary with the sea on the other side and is littered with shells and pink flamingos all over the place. They are just too beautiful!
    The rooms are big and spacious and are fully equipped to self cater, or alternatively you can order food from the restaurant. We opted for a seafood pizza which we were told was enormous, and enormous it was! Wayne and I shared one and only got through two pieces each as it was thick and jam packed with seafood and cheese! Definitely a winner!
    We were in bed by 7 and slept like babies till 7 the next morning! (Oh babies don’t really sleep do they? okay we slept like logs!)

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