• Malawi Adventure – Day 22

    Day 22 of our Malawi (and now Mozambique) adventure got us up at 5:30 and a quick bowl of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes before heading off to Chimoio! So far we’ve managed to draw cash at the ATM, fill up with fuel and pay with our credit card and the EN103 on the other side of Tete is great so far as opposed to the other side.
    Wayne had been looking to buy a used axe from a local for the past 1000km or so, and FINALLY he stopped on the side of the road and asked a guy making wooden curios if he would sell his. He said he couldn’t as it was his only axe but a young fellow standing next to him said that he would sell his axe as he had a spare one which was made by his grandfather. He returned with it and we paid 500 Meticals for it in a place called Nhazonia. When Wayne asked about the axe, the old man said “Yes, in this town this axe is called “The Maximum!” It had been through 3 generations and had quite a history behind it…
    We also asked him about a mine on the side of the mountain and he said it was a “green stone” mine. He said the children usually look for emeralds that wash down in the river and when he finds one he is going to buy himself a 2 ton truck, start his own business and transport things between Chimoio and Tete!
    Chimoio is quite a big, busy city with a ton of people, taxis and also apparently, other than parts of Maputo, the only other Mozambican city with drinkable water!
    We booked in at the Pink Papaya, which in my opinion was a bit expensive for what we got. It was an eclectic mix of pink painted furniture,cheap Chinese trinkets hanging all over and a pink bathroom with an underwater kiddies shower curtain! Interesting to say the least… Nevertheless the rooms are clean and there are some other interesting travelers to chat to around the burning mosquito coils. We decided to all club in and do a joint meal of pasta with a homemade tomato relish, fresh veggies and a fruit salad for dessert!
    We had an early start to get to the military convoy the next morning so we thought a good few rum and cokes should help us to sleep well and hopefully keep the mozzies off too! Unfortunately the security guard decided to rake the entire garden and water the plants right outside our window before the cock started crowing at 02:00am and some drunken man came banging and screaming at the gate, so not much sleep was had at all!

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