• Malawi Adventure – Day 21

    Day 21 of our Malawi adventure and we woke  to the sound of the early prayer call to Mosque and went downstairs for the hotel breakfast (baked beans, sausage,chicken livers and curried potatoes) yuk! but it filled the gap nevertheless! Today we were off  to dusty Tete again. We had a packet full of ‘cold-drink bribes’ for any annoying cops that might stop us as we seriously didn’t believe in paying monetary bribes in Africa. We battled to change our Kwachas for Dollars but eventually found a bureau de  exchange who didn’t give us too many hassles. Just a word of advice is to keep all your ATM slips etc to prove where you got the money from otherwise they get a bit suspicious.
    The road to the Dedza border post is really good and goes through a very beautiful mountainous region and is about 80km from Lilongwe. The border was a breeze on both sides  and we are happy to announce that we didn’t have ONE SINGLE OUNCE of trouble in the whole of Malawi! The 223 road to Tete is in really good condition as opposed to the EN103  which is terribly potholed and can only be traveled on at around 20km an hour. Soon our lunch time hunger set in and it was a mixture of lips and assholes, veins and tapeworms (and mechanically de boned chicken parts)! BULLYBEEF! (to be precise) oh, and ice-cold Savannas too…if you can overcome the thought of the ingredients it makes a super meal!
    We pulled into Tete at about 16:00pm into to the shady and green little haven at Mozbife’s guest rooms. We relaxed under the shade of a big tree with a Malawian Rum and Cherry Plum soda before going to have a good scrub down in the shower. Dinner was again bully beef and 2 “ninute moodles” (I have gotten into the terrible habit of swapping the first letter of all my words around just for a laugh :-) )

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