• Malawi Adventure – Day 20

    We had a yummy breakfast of cooked oats as well as eggs on homemade toast with some of their local honey and then decided to brave the hour-long journey back down the winding mountain pass from Livingstonia. When we were finally down and now making our way back up the other tar mountain pass we came around a corner and almost hit two crowned eagles who flew off in a flurry! We stopped and saw that they were on top of an adolescent baboon ripping the poor thing to shreds! He was still alive but in a complete state of shock. Behind us came the male baboon and was chasing the eagles to try to get them off the youngster. I felt desperately sorry for the little creature but I knew that there was absolutely nothing we could do.
    In Mzuzu town we took another road that went straight to Lilongwe which was our destination for the night. Just past Mzuzu we witnessed the destruction caused by severe deforestation which seemed to stretch for kilometers over the mountains into the distance for as far as the eye could see. There didn’t seem to be much, if any, regulation to chopping the trees and no signs of re-planting either. Malawi’s only problem is total over-population and will unfortunately destroy the country if things are not done to change that.
    It was a long day of driving and we drove into a very busy Lilongwe at around 16h00 and booked in at the Bridgeview Hotel. It was nice and clean and we finally had a bathroom all to ourselves!!! A small luxury that one doesn’t get often when traveling in Africa and one which we had not yet had on our Malawi adventure! We went across the road to the shopping centre and stocked up on some more travel food and mementos for all the family back at home and then sat down for some cheap & oily Galitos chicken for dinner! We unfortunately didn’t really sleep too well and were up at 4am with the sounds of the local mosque guy singing that whiny song they sing… If I’d have found him he would have got a slap!!!2015-07-30_0001 2015-07-30_0002 2015-07-30_0003 2015-07-30_0004 2015-07-30_0005 2015-07-30_0006