• Malawi Adventure – Day 17

    Another early morning woken by the birds at Mango Drift. It’s becoming quite pleasant to use them as an alarm instead of a cell phone. The wind is STILL blowing after 6 days now. It has been rippling the usually still waters so much that we can’t see below the surface making the temperature quite a bit cooler too, and I’m done with it now! We enjoyed a lovely cup of Malawian tea and poached eggs on toast for breakfast and are now contemplating what to do for the day. There is a dark black cloud hanging in the sky and we’re not quite sure what to do? We didn’t want to get caught walking out in the rain as we didn’t have our car with, eventually succumbed to just lazing around with some occasional snorkeling in the bay. We played games, ate lunch, read books, had drinks, played pool, watched a killer sunset, had dinner and crashed after photographing the big baobab under the night skies…Life is so blissful out there

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