• Malawi Adventure – Day 16

    We had an early start to the day as two other people had to get to the Likoma airport for their flight. When we woke, the water on the lake looked like glass, but as we left it soon got windy and very wavy AGAIN! We were given big rain coats to avoid being soaked by the splashing waters of Lake Niassa spraying up on our faces. It was amazing traveling towards Likoma Island with Mozambique on our right, Malawi on our left and the huge mountains of Tanzania ahead of us in the distance. It’s surreal to actually be here after so many years of bucket list dreaming sitting behind an office desk looking at pictures that other dream makers have taken in far off Neverland places. It really takes some time for reality to sink in, but when it does you are in absolute awe of the reality…I had come to love Africa and its absolute simplicity. I love it for it is truly a land with the motto to me, “Ask and it is given, seek and you will find, knock and the most amazing opportunities will be opened up to you through the most unassuming doors… It is indescribably beautiful in its bareness… It is a land of dreams and failures, hope and fear, love and hate, home and distant lands…
    We arrived safely at Likoma after 2 and a half hours and went to immigrations to get our passports stamped. The immigrations officer was a guy in a T-shirt that said “What Da Duck (pic of a duck)”… LOL only in Africa!
    We were picked up in an old blue F series Land Cruiser by the Mango Drift Manageress, Georgina and taken on a 20 minute drive through rural areas and parked outside a little primary school where all the children hung out of the window waving to us :-). We then walked a short distance down to Mango Drift Backpackers which is set in a bay on the shores of Lake Malawi. Again very unassuming from the outside but on being shown our room, the reed doors were opened to a double bed with crisp white linen, surrounded with a big mosquito net and strewn with Bougainvillea flowers like we had arrived in the honeymoon suite. All the rooms are right on the beach and the dreamy blue waters are only a stones throw away… The bar is also right on the beach under a big thatch area with Jack Johnson singing the afternoon away. It is seriously relaxed and awesome there!
    We sat having a few ice-cold Malawian rum and coke’s while Wayne carried on writing the article for Nkwichi. We met Tim who we recognized from the Ilala trip who was from Philadelphia and who worked in a vineyard farm in Virginia. He’d been in Malawi for 3 odd months helping to set up an agricultural program  in the communities.
    By this time hunger had set in and we ordered 2 pizzas to get us through to dinner time. They were FANTASTIC! I’m not sure if it’s because we were so hungry or because they were just good! Nap time! “Magies vol ogies toe”! Al veer!!! (tummies full, eyes closed AGAIN!)
    They set up dinner around a big table where everyone at Mango sat together and they served us a huge plate full of chilli con carne while we sat and watched the trillion stars above before a good nights rest.

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