• Karoo Expedition – Part 1 Bathurst

    Karoo – Bathurst
    Our morning started at midnight and we’d only managed to fit in about 4 hours of sleep as there was a mad flurry of last minute shopping and packing to get done before we left on our Karoo expedition. We got up, made ourselves some coffee on the go and drove out of Mtunzini at 01:00am as planned! We hit the Transkei just as dawn broke and wound down through the valleys of colourful, rural huts all the way to Port Alfred before turning off to the little town of Bathurst.
    We’ve booked in at the Historic Pig n’ Whistle Hotel for the night which is a 200 year old hotel! It was originally started in the 1820’s by a man named Thomas Hartley who’s wife Sarah, who took over after he passed away in 1840 and was later sold by his son to Jeremiah Goldswain and acquired its name 100 years later from the local Royal Air force soldiers who were staying in the area.
    We arrived at 13:00pm and visited all the local tourist attractions such as second hand clothing and book shops to antique collectible shops to homemade deli shops and even managed to finally find Wayne a real Peter Pan hat!!! We also went to the well known ‘Big Pineapple’ and bought some homemade pineapple jam which we fully intend on smothering over a self made cheese loaf in the middle of Verneukpan next Friday. Another thing to tick off of our bucket lists  We’ve subsequently found out that tonight they are holding a ‘Bar Olympics’ and have even spray painted old Coca-Cola buddy bottles gold for the winners, so we are going to catch 40 winks, hop into an old Victorian bath with some sherry and then go downstairs later to join in on the festivities! We’ll let you know how it was tomorrow! Adios amigos!

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