• Karoo Adventure – Part 7 Verneukpan

    It was a long and very chilly night dropping down to about 10 degrees by 2am and I was so cold that I was drifting in and out of sleep whilst dreaming of being caught in snow storms.
    We woke as the morning star rose above the horizon and it was so bright that I mistook it as the light from an old farm bakkie approaching us! I couldn’t believe the size and brightness of it and what followed what the golden light and the crescent of the rising sun creeping towards our sleeping bags to warm us up before our tin kettle of coffee from the fire could.
    The temperature began to rise quite quickly and we knew we had to make haste and get to the shade as soon as possible so we piled everything up into the car and drove back to the campsite. We unloaded our stretchers under the only bit of shade we could find and lay there the entire day like a pride of lions trying to recoup our energy. The desert baked the entire day at a hefty 40 degrees and we just couldn’t escape the discomfort levels until the sun dropped in the west. When it did, Wayne took off all his clothes and streaked to the bell in the middle of the pan! (photos of which I’m apparently not allowed to show) and I on the other hand did it once the stars came out in the pitch dark and proceeded to lose my clothes as I’d forgotten where I’d taken them off!
    Dinner was fresh Karoo Lamb and sweet potatoes with real butter done on an open fire followed by Tim Tams and milk for dessert! All this food was so far off our diet radar but so worth it. After all, who comes to the Karoo and doesn’t eat regte egte Karoo lamb?
    We slept out on the pan again and fell asleep to the sounds of nearby giant eagle owls as we watched the final episode of the shooting stars miniseries. It was nothing but fabulous! 2015-10-27_0001 2015-10-27_0002 2015-10-27_0003 2015-10-27_00052015-10-27_0004 2015-10-27_0006 2015-10-27_0007