• Karoo Adventure – Part 5 Tankwa

    A nice lazy morning with the crisp Karoo sunlight peeping through the old wooden window of our room. I was snug under the white percale linen duvet and my pillow fitting the curve of my cheek…I could hear the gas cooker starting up with the old tin kettle ready to satisfy my need for a fresh cup of coffee with a dash of whiskey to warm me from the inside out.
    Bacon and eggs were set out on the old wooden kitchen table and we sat around reading and enjoying our last day in the park. We had a short morning drive around the other side of the park and were lucky enough to catch a nice close up glimpse of a young eland bull, climb a few windmills and head back in time for a lunchtime braai before setting out again to the well known Elandsberg viewpoint. The drive up the hill was a serious 4×4 route but my oh my was it worth it! We were absolutely awe struck at the incredible view. To try and even describe it with mere words would do it an injustice. Just take our word for it that this is a place you just HAVE to see for yourself in order to understand what we mean. No photo in the world can capture the beauty of this view!
    As we chased the dipping sunlight home we caught a glimpse of the Gannaga Pass which we were due to travel up the next day, a sneaky black backed jackal trying his luck at hunting a baby springbok lamb,an ostrich family with her little babies trailing behind her and gemsbok bathing in the last pink rays of the sun.
    We packed up the car the night before as we had an early start to Verneukpan the following morning and enjoyed a glass of Jeripego around the fireplace before heading off to bed…

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