• Botswana/Namibia Expedition – Day 11

    The next day had us on our way to Kwalape Safari Lodge in Kasane, Botswana! We first made our way to Caprivi Houseboat Safari Lodge in Katima Mulilo to go and spot the elusive Yellow Throated Leaflove bird. It was spotted a short while back outside of its usual regions in Angola, Cameroon, Northern DRC and Ethiopia and so was a huge tick off the list for us! We were privileged enough to find it sitting neatly perched in its nest just above the roaring Zambezi River.
    The border crossing was again effortless and once across the four corners we were on our way to the bustling safari central town of Kasane. We quickly checked in and then made our way down to the waters edge for a sunset boat cruise down the Chobe River. Unfortunately it does become a little like Disneyland in the bush as every single lodge disembarks with their barges on the same afternoon journey… The plus is that you are able to get up really close to get some really great shots of ellie’s having their afternoon swim and hippos spraying water from their pink nostrils. The down side is that these poor animals are completely surrounded by about 20 barges all trying to squeeze in and give their guests the best sightings and the animals become a little claustrophobic which causes them to move off…
    We had a bit of a misunderstanding with our booking at Kwalape which had the kids sharing beds with us adults but nevertheless we all had a good rest and clean up after a week of camping.
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