• Botswana/Namibia Expedition Day 10

    Day 10 of our expedition and again I had a sick child on my hands.I was battling against her raging fever and terrible nausea in-between trying to set up our new camp on the banks of the Kwando River.
    We were unable to find any grocery store that was open to restock for dinner as everything was closed due to it being a public holiday, so dinner was 2 minute noodles, polony and an obligatory G+T (to ward the mozzies off with the quinine) lol, any excuse for a sundowner!
    The night was a long one with Jordy up for hours and the birds woke me up at the crack of dawn which had the bags under my eyes feeling like they were packed for a month long overseas trip!
    By lunch time she seemed better and so we took a drive into the nearby Bwabwata National Park which is teeming with elephant herds around every corner and is really wild and beautiful. The park itself is absolutely huge and I think would take a good two solid days to get through properly but my appetite for seeing ellie’s was sufficiently satisfied in the short time we were there!
    Back at camp we all had a dip in the pool whilst overlooking the lazy Kwando River and then a traditional camp braai with the cerise pink sun setting behind us with crickets,owls,fruit bats and nightjars calling in the distance.
    Kwando Camp is beautifully set up and really has that fancy African Lodge feel to it and even as campers, one can go to their restaurant and bar to enjoy 5 star treatment. I was pleasantly surprised to find a small decorative wooden Mokoro filled to the brim with fresh popcorn when I slid down onto one of the wooden chairs around the crackling fire… Needless to say I polished off the lot! So much for dieting on this trip lol!
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