• Botswana Expedition – Day 6

    Day 6 of our Botswana trip had us up at 7 as we were due to go on one of the San rock art walks around the hills with one of the local guides at 7:30. With one of the highest concentrations of rock art in the world, Tsodilo has been called the ”Louvre of the Desert” with over 4,500 paintings which are preserved in an area of only 10 km2 of the Kalahari Desert. The archaeological record of the area gives a chronological account of human activities and environmental changes over at least 100,000 years. Local communities in this hostile environment respect Tsodilo as a place of worship which is frequented by ancestral spirits.
    We embarked on the better known Rhino Trail which is a 2 hour tour. It takes you to some fascinating points where you can see rock paintings as old as 3000 years old! They used a combination of hematite, animal blood and fat to create the red paint which they used to fingerprint various images onto the rocks. We saw everything from rhino, to eland to the most ridiculous of them all which was a penguin and a whale!!! Flabbergasted!!!
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    Penguins and Whales??? This dude must have been an endurance runner…2016-04-16_0058 2016-04-16_0060 2016-04-16_0062 2016-04-16_0063 2016-04-16_0064