• Botswana Expedition – Day 5

    We were up the next morning with the full moon still in tact when we left and meandered our way through the many baobabs to the main road. We had another long stretch ahead of us as we needed to get all the way up to the World heritage site known as Tsodilo Hills… It was my Birthday and although it had to be spent in the car, I was glad to leave my previous bad day far behind me… The best early morning surprise was seeing elephants along the side of the main road with the pink sunrise coming up behind them. Later on we stopped in Maun to try and find some new bedding and refuel before hugging along the left hand side of the Okavanga Delta on our way to Tsodilo Hills.
    We arrived at a very well maintained community campsite set up on the foothills of Botswana’s highest hills. They have a fantastic museum and really nice ablutions with big spacious campsites under the trees. I was given my Birthday presents under the shade of the trees with an ice cold Jack and Coke in hand. I got a fantastic new set of Nikon binocs and the funkiest bohemian colored hammock to laze about in between trees from camp to camp on our trip.
    What we thought would be a peaceful evening spent under the light of the full moon rising over the big mountain became an exhausting night trying to ward off the entire herd of cattle that belonged to the community. I never in my life thought that cows were that nocturnal!!! From heavy breathing around every tent to them sticking their long intrusive tongues into our camping mugs and licking the last remaining drops of Amarula coffee from the bottom to bellowing louder than 60 000 soccer fans in the Moses Mabhida stadium, our evening was exhausting! With every deep sleep I fell into, I was re-awoken by these noisy animals…
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