• Botswana Expedition – Day 4

    Our Botswana expedition took a miserable turn… When we woke the next morning we called ahead to Kubu Island to check the water situation as they’d had a lot of rain in the days before we arrived, and to our utter disappointment we were unable to go as it was just too muddy. My heart shattered right there and then and from that moment on my day just went from bad to worse. A dream I’ve had of visiting this paradise for the last 16 years was ripped away in a heartbeat and there was jack shit I could do about it!
    To top it off I had a child wake up with a raging fever and body aches from the flu which had us detouring through the closest town looking for the local hospital so that I could get antibiotics, only to see that the queue was a mile out the door and that staying to see a doctor would only delay our trip way into the night so we pushed on and dosed her up with the medication we’d brought. The day changed from 3 hours of planned driving to 9!
    We got to Planet Baobab in the late afternoon and had to start setting up camp. It was blistering hot and the sweat was rolling down our backs as we tried to figure out poles and which way they fitted into our unruly tent. By the time we’d finished setting up we realized that all our bedding had been left behind at Khama! In between me having an absolute emotional breakdown and crying every last frustrated tear out of my body and feeling closer to throwing myself to the ground and kicking my feet wildly into the sky, I marched off to reception to upgrade to a room at a hefty extra 800 pula!
    My mood was somewhere close to the start of world war 3 as I stormed back to undo the tent, the stretcher and mattresses… This was also one of the places I’d had on my bucket list for years and years and I didn’t even manage to get a single daytime photo before inebriating myself in their pub and falling into bed to cry my frustrations to sleep…

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