About Us


Look, technically we’re two grown adults who quite frankly refuse to grow up! Our nicknames have always been Peter Pan & Tinks and very fittingly so. We have this incredible urge to travel the world for a living someday when all our kids are grown up and out the house, but have started our great adventures when and wherever we can. This is where we’ll share them with you, give you handy travel tips and advice and help you to start ticking off your bucket lists too!!! If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s LETHAL!!!

We started this blog as a way of  sharing exciting things like travel and a exploration and adding some adventure to our lives. We believe that life should be an adventure. From a simple overnight road trip with friends to a complicated expedition. If it makes you happy, then you are a successful explorer!

Our our blog is a dedication to explorers such as Livingstone, Stanley and modern day explorers like Kingsley Holgate who travel to all the far corners of the Earth in search of adventure and living their dreams!

We have been exploring on a shoestring budget for a while now and still have full time jobs with kids. Wayne has worked in the bush for many years and I have been in many boring jobs until now. I now work for an environmental education center, am a photographer and art director for a local travel magazine!

It’s about budgeting your time, pre-planning and researching on where you want to go! If the spirit of adventure lies within you, then you will enjoy many happy hours with a good cuppa in hand reading our blog…