• A Day Out in Durbs

    Okay so we come from a tiny little coastal town in Northern Kwa Zulu Natal called Mtunzini and when given the chance or the excuse we hit the big city lights in Durban to find some entertainment other than the local country club which is only inhabited by the 60 somethings. So off to Durbs we went in search of a few new and exciting places to chill, have a good meal and explore. We are always looking for funky little restaurants with a menu other than the normal burgers, pizzas, steaks bla bla and so we did a bit of Googling and found the Freedom Cafe in Greyville! Oh my WORD, what a relief to find a restaurant with a fresh new vibe, awesome (and best of all different) food and at a very reasonable cost! We sat in front of the mirrors trying on all the various ‘face stickers’ and had a good laugh, smacking our lips at their decadent rainbow cakes and were absolutely delighted to get a whole role of Wilsons XXX mints after our meal! Its the small things that count LOL Definitely worth a visit!!! 2015-07-25_0002 2015-07-25_0003 2015-07-25_0004 2015-07-25_0005 2015-07-25_0006 2015-07-25_0007 2015-07-25_0008 2015-07-25_0009 2015-07-25_0010 2015-07-25_0011 2015-07-25_0012

    Next we were off to the Durban beachfront. Now this is great for everyone from couples to families to fitness fanatics! You can hire bicycles for R50ppph and ride up and down the promenade all the way from Ushaka Marine World to Moses Mabhida Stadium or walk or run or skate board or roller blade or walk your dogs or whatever the hang you choose. It is generally abuzz with life and every little restaurant and cafe are chocka block full of people. Here we stopped at the Surf Riders Food Shack where they serve “Just Good Food” as their slogan says. They even have a small selection of treats that you can order for your pooch! Holy shit I just LOVE innovative people :-) I had the Camembert and cranberry burger TWO WEEKENDS IN A ROW it was so divine. I opted to have a banting option and ditch the bun. The banting option isn’t on the menu but hell it’s a much healthier option these days and most restaurants are quite willing to swap your bun for a big black mushroom if you ask nicely… So don’t miss out on this awesome little place…oh and if you’re thirsty they have a great selection of cocktails and  even offer to ‘spike’ your smoothie with vodka if you’re up to it!

    2015-07-25_0013 2015-07-25_0014 2015-07-25_0015 2015-07-25_0016 2015-07-25_0017 2015-07-25_0018

    Ushaka Marine World has an array of interesting shops, food courts, kids world jungle gym, dangerous creatures, chimp and zee zip line rope adventures and best of all the wet n’ wild water world and amazing seaworld aquarium where you can see anything from Nemo to dolphin shows! They also have zulu dancers, mimes and a whole lot of other parades that wonder the grounds doing fantastic shows through the corridors. One of our favorite restaurants there is the Cargo Hold where you can sit mesmerized by the ragged tooth sharks that come drifting past your table through the huge aquarium window. If you’re not into too much hustle and bustle you can head on down to north beach in front of Ushaka and chill on the beach, take a surf lesson, go scuba diving with Calypso Dive Centre walk your dog or sit and have sundowners while watching the big ships coming in and out of the Durban harbor. There truly is so much to do in this city and we will update every time we find something new so subscribe to us and keep posted :-)